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Lavish 3D Eyelashes

Lavish 3D Eyelashes

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Our lashes are a girl's best friend! Make your eye look stand out for a special occasion or ELLAvate your everyday makeup look, all is fair when it comes to these beauties. Our lashes are 3D, meaning they provide more volume than a classic lash and still look natural. Be fearless and compliment any makeup look because our lashes are: 

100% handcrafted silk


Long-lasting, getting 20 or more uses with proper care

Choose from 5 styles (Listed/Pictured from left to right):

Date Night - Our fullest lash with elongated ends for a cat-eye effect

Red Carpet - Full lash with elongated end spaced for a dramatic eye effect

Lani - Full center with tapered ends for the eye that pops

Kira - Full center with tapered ends for a natural lash look

Hollywood - Full lash with elongated ends for a cat-eye effect

How to care: 

Using your fingers, gently pull lashes from the eye 

Using tweezers, carefully clean the lash band using a damp q-tip to remove glue

Let dry and place lashes back into the lash tray to keep their shape


100% handcrafted silk

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